What is this you ask? My answer would have to be… it is common sense to your business management and approach. Without a good understanding of what, how, when and where you do business, how are you ever going to grow it!  There is a crazy statement I heard, We Don’t Know what we Don’t Know… I believe in asking a lot of questions and listening!

Business intelligence should directly understand and document;

  • Your businesses core competency.
  • Define success and failure modes.
  • Define market segment.
    • Define how you service that segment.
      • Direct sales force
      • Online
      • Inside sales support
      • Customer Service
  • Define the size of the market segment.
  • Document the market, is it growing or shrinking.
  • What key factors determine the success of the segment?
  • Define Product focus.
    • Define road map.
    • Define product SKU’s.
    • Implement CRM tools.
    • Implement Project Management tools.
    • Define in detail your client base.
      • Their size, staff, management & location(s).
      • Their financial structure and volume.
      • Their buying pattern.
      • How they use your product.
      • How they sell their product.
      • Where do they sell their product?
      • How do they market their product?

So, after all of that is mentioned aren’t you curious as to why I wrote this? To me it is simple, without a detailed understanding of all of the items above it will make it very difficult to succeed in growing your business. Wow, that was a lot to say!

Know let me ask you, do you know have information to the bullets above? If not I can help. Go ahead, Contact Me and see how!