Operating a business can be overwhelming! The focus on customer service, managing staff, accounting, sales and business development is just the beginning. In many cases those pieces of the puzzle don’t align. What if you want to grow to the next level? What tools do you have in place to help? What processes are in place to service that next level?

For larger companies there might be resources in place to manage many different aspects of the business.425.strip.sunday However the challenge here is  not all divisions communicate or truly understand the common goal. Many times the miscommunication and the barrier walls that get put up can be devastating to the overall business.  This can take place over several years or months and if not in check can destroy the business.

For smaller companies, the challenge is the amount of hats that staff are required to wear. too-many-hats2The death of many start ups and small business alike is just this. When the founder is focused on engineering and not sales we all know what happens. Since the staff are required to perform many tasks mistakes happen. Not only do balls get dropped but internal politics develop. It is inevitable that someone will feel they do a better job, or worse yet… so and so works less then I do.  The balancing act that these companies have to go through is crazy. Mismanagement and lack of a cohesive operational management plan kills more business then money or no sales.

Why do I bring this up? It is because I encourage every business to take inventory. Perform an assessment of where you and your organization is at. Better yet… CONTACT me and we can map this together.